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Ezell Photography





  • Is there a time limit?

Answer:    No.


  • Will you come earlier to take extra pictures (example: bride getting ready, early family shots)? 

Answer:     Yes.


  • Will there be an extra cost for this? 

Answer:     No


  • How many pictures will you take at the ceremony/reception?

Answer:    Package A = 1,000 to 1,500 to choose from

                                Package B or C = 3,000 to 6,000 to choose from


  • Can I mix color and black/white prints on Package B or C?

Answer:    Yes.


  • If I want black/white photo with specific item(s) in color, is there an additional cost? (Example: black/white with red rose)

Answer:    Yes, for an additional $10.00 for each image.

                Note: Package C includes two black/white images with specific item

color added.


  • Where will the bride pictures be taken?

Answer:    Studio for controlled environment or your location selection in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  (Example: Dallas Arboretum, Botanical



  • Is there a cost for Bridal Package?

Answer:    Yes, $225.00.

                Note: Bridal Package are included in Package B or C.


  • How many pictures are taken in the Bridal Package?

Answer:    On average there are 600 to choose from.



  • Is there a cost for engagement pictures?

Answer:    Yes: $225.00

                Note: Engagement pictures are included in Package C.



  • Will the wedding be photographed in digital or film?

Answer:    Digital, unless film requested.


  • What type of digital camera is used?

Answer:    Professional, high end digital Cannon or Nikon camera that are not

purchased over-the-counter that are able to take 5 pictures per second,

with flash.

Note: Digital camera being used has the ability to print a 6 foot photo.


  • Will my wedding be the only scheduled wedding that day?

Answer:    Yes.

                Note: A deposit of $300.00 is required to secure your special date and



  • What is the turnaround time on proofs?

Answer:    Proofs will be on a disc for you to view and select within one week from the wedding date.


  • After selection is made, what is the turnaround time to receive prints?

Answer:    One week rush for additional cost of $100.00.

                Normal turnaround is two weeks.


  • Are negatives available for purchase?

Answer:    Yes, for $500.00.

                Note: The negatives are included in Package C at no extra cost.


  • Do you only photograph in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area?

Answer:    No. 


  • Is there an extra charge to photograph outside the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area?

Answer:    Yes.  The cost is $200.00 for every 50 miles outside the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area.

                Note: For another state or out of country call for pricing.

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